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Cute And Pretty Magnets Brings Fun To Your Kitchen, Office, Room And …

The Package Includes:

4 Plush Wild Animals Refrigerator Magnet. The Animals Are

1 Monkey
1 Giraffe
1 Bear
1 Elephant.

The Plush Animals Are Made Of Cotton. They Stick To Any Magnetic Surface Such As Refrigerator, Cabinet, Locker, Dry Erase/White Board.  

This set includes small magnet pieces. Keep away from little kids and pets.

  • 4 Cute Wild Animals Refrigerator Magnets: Giraffe, Elephant, Bear and Monkey
  • Perfect To Be Used On Refrigerator, Cabinet, Locker, Dry Erase/White Board Or Any Magnetic Surface
  • Made From 100% Cotton Plush Material
  • Decorative, Attractive And Functional
  • Can Be Used To Hold Notes, Messages, Photos, Reminders And Recipes etc.

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