Exclusive Cat Butt Refrigerator Magnets Super Hero Magnets – Marvel & DC Magnets

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These fridge magnets inspired by Marvel and DC comics universe and they’re creating mostly based on limitless love for cats. This is a real art object. The bright colors and soft surface. Original design and creative performance. A great solution for decorating your office or home or school locker. The use of these collectible superheroes cat’s figures is limited only by your imagination. Do you want to make an inexpensive but nice and useful gift? -This is the best solution. Every Marvel or DC Comics fan have them.

Each magnet presents you your favorite comics heroes as the fat kittens. Find out your favorite character by its butt. This exclusive design and extremely cute vision of superheroes

1-Captain America
5-Doctor Strange
6-Iron Man
8- Winter Soldier(Bucky)
9- Updated Captain America (Infinity War version)
10- Updated Thor (Infinity War version)

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  • Design-Updated Exclusive design and bright colors, it's an incredibly beautiful product, a real catch for an eye. The Best cat stuff for cat lovers
  • Perfect to pin notes, recipe, artwork on fridge, door, cabinet, locker, cubicle, any magnetic surface
  • This unusual refrigerator magnet kit is a nice interior decoration and suits perfectly for practical purposes. It's ideal for home or office. The way of using these fun magnets is limited only by your imagination. Great quality and exclusive design make this product a great idea when you are looking for cute gifts for any occasion
  • Great as souvenirs or decorations for anyone and anywhere. Kids, teenagers, and adults will love them. They'll add to the look of any party or office interior
  • 10 pcs of Marvel and DC universe Collectible fridge magnet. Added Characters from Infinity War