Fridge Magnets Spherical Muliticolor Refrigerator Office Magnet for Calendars Whiteboards Maps Resin Fun Decorative Decoration 20 Pack by VNthings

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Do you still use those flat and small fridge magnets?
which are difficult to pick up and put on fridge door.

Are you still using fritters made of glass or plastic?
which do not look beautiful and not durable.

Do you still use those refrigerators that are not strong in magnetic matter?
which can not stick to things firmly.

You will feel that how beautiful these little things are when look at the stickers on your fridge door and get the VNthings Fridge Magnets now

VNthings Refrigerator Magnets are made of resin,lightweight and good look.
Strong magnets help you hold any notes,photos,art works,or cards
on fridge door,magnet board, bulletin boards, or any magnetic surface.
At the same time they are also beautifully decorated in any magnetic surface

WARNING:Keep them away from little kids and pet.

VNthings Concept is based on offering simple-designed, good quality,functional home and pet products at a reasonable prices.
We makes it possible to serve the many by providing reasonable -priced products
that contribute to helping more people and their pet live a better life at home.

We And Home
V N things

  • SPHERICAL - Perfect for use in the home or office as map, calendar, whiteboard, or refrigerator magnets.
  • STRONG MAGNETS - Attach notes, photos, artwork, or cards on the fridge door, magnetic board, or any magnetic surface securely.
  • MULTICOLOR - These whimsical colors are suitable for many places, such as the office, school, or home.For kid,toddlers, adults.
  • DECORATIVE - The resin, with 20 different colors, looks,funny,smooth and beautiful after the polishing process.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIAL - These mini refrigerator magnets are made of resin, and are 0.59 inches in diameter with strong magnets inside.

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