PJ Masks: Super City Run

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(as of 02/20/2020 02:54 UTC - Details)
Product Description
Product Features
  • Race around the city and park collecting the missing items - the villains have stolen everything from bicycles to the Rock of All Power! See how many items you can collect each time you play
  • Watch out for the villains and their pesky sidekicks - avoid Romeo's Robot, Luna Girl's moths and Night Ninja's sticky splats. If you spot a villain, don't forget to RUN after them!
  • When a large obstacle blocks your way, choose another PJ Masks hero and use their super power to help you get past the obstacle. The PJ Masks are always stronger as a team!
  • Collect as many golden amulets as you can to unlock your character's power-up
  • Never play the same game twice - watch out for different obstacles and chase after more missing items each time you play